A vintage trolley, a professional barman, tonic and 60 different gins to choose from make the GIN & TONIC CATERING of La Ruleta the best way to throw a special party with your friends and/or work colleagues at your place, at your company or other premises.

       We were pioneers in the use of gin & tonic and in its public recognition in Spain. First we introduced the concept of “prepared” gin & tonic, then the gin & tonic matched with Iberian products, and now we offer you our Gin in a different, elegant and comfortable way.

       There are different packages and promotions that will turn the gin & tonic catering into an essential element in your meetings and social gatherings.

       In short, a means of providing you our gin & tonic using a trolley of easy placing, with an original and distinctive touch, and offering you a pleasant and professional service.

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La Ruleta

A genuine Gin & Tonic since 1983.