At ‘La Ruleta’ we have already served 723,458 Gin & Tonics .

       ‘La Ruleta’ was born in no other than the distant 1930’s, in the noble Velazquez Street, at the heart of the Salamanca district. A Pub with a personality that has been gradually shaped by the influence of its location next to the Gran Hotel Velázquez, with its four imposing stars.

        At the beginning of the 1980’s- in 1983 and during the Spanish countercultural movement of the Transition- emblematic characters of the music, culture and the cinema scene found in the pub ‘La Ruleta’ a place to drink and meet. The pub, after many difficulties, had been taken under the protection and management of José María de Basilio. Jose María chose to bet on a characteristic way of understanding the place and its customers, offering his clientele a flavoured Gin & tonic with mint and served with Schweppes tonic; a drink that become the most typical and emblematic of the place. And it worked.

        The Gin & tonic of La Ruleta, timeless and constant, ignoring trends which are always perishable, has become a legend in Madrid. It has been and will be tasted with genuine enthusiasm by the many friends who we have encountered with the passing of time. The formula of our Gin & tonic is a secret- of course it is- although we could confess, as our regular customers know, it has broadleaf fresh mint to which we break the stem to let its intense aroma spread in the drink; we could confess that the lemon is high-quality; and that the tonic we traditionally use is Schweppes, with the guarantee of knowing it is made since 1783.

        The second pioneering good decision of José María de Basilio at ‘La Ruleta’- and almost revolutionary at the time- was its accompaniment: the best Iberian products and cheese to eat something or even have dinner. ‘Gin & Tonic with Iberian portions’; a concept that was implanted little by little because of its innovation, and that finally consolidated itself giving way to a whole movement, a kind of ‘Gin & Tonic Revolution’ that inspired many others, in a more or less successful way.

        Today, in the year 2011, the iconic ‘La Ruleta’ in Velazquez Street is still a pub with the personality granted by the hard-work, ideas and dedication of José María. It is still visited by group of friends, by people who work in the downtown area and by neighbours; all of them are Gin & Tonic lovers and faithful customers for whom the pub is an unavoidable benchmark. It is still the same but we have grown and opened another brother-pub near the Retiro park, specifically in Doctor Laguna’s place. The pub is bigger in size and offers new possibilities such as meetings and events, although our Gin& Tonic and our Iberian products still remain an inseparable element of the already legendary ‘La Ruleta’. And we are still unstoppable, having recently opened a new exclusive service called Gin & tonic Catering for companies and private individuals. Work, enthusiasm and paying attention to the product and to the customer is the true secret to have served 723.458 Gin & Tonics already. Sorry… 723.459, 723.460, 723.461, 723.462, 723.463, 723.646…

La Ruleta

A genuine Gin & Tonic since 1983.